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Full Moon Feast.

Posted by Cat Gusztak on Monday, March 14, 2011, In : Books 
Hello everyone, 

I know it has been forever since I have posted. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I have been computer-less for the last two-ish months. But, I am buying a Mac in the next week which I hope will mean I can get back into my groove with my posts and my learning. The internet teaches me so much about food - hah! 

This post is dedicated to my good friend Madeline who recommended to me a book last week that has started to shift all and any paradigm that I have ever had about ...
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Waiter Rant.

Posted by Cat Gusztak on Sunday, January 23, 2011, In : Books 
I've been reading another blog recently called Waiter Rant ( by Steve Dublanica. It has also been published into two books called "Waiter Rant" and "Keep the Change". For anyone who works in the service industry it is a must read for the sole fact that it makes you so happy that somebody is actually showcasing all the (sometimes not so great) people out there who go out to eat. And for anyone who doesn't or hasn't worked in the industry, it is a must read so that you make s...
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The Blue Zones.

Posted by Cat Gusztak on Tuesday, November 16, 2010, In : Books 
My dad is reading a book called The Blue Zones - it's all about how to live longer & it interviews people from all over the world who have done so - father dearest shared some information that he learned in his readings..

A woman in Italy who has lived to be 106 years old had three secrets to living that long. I thought they were fun & amusing & probably true..

1. Eat olives everyday.
2. Drink red wine everyday.
3. Have a sense of humour.

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