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Perogie Pizza.

Posted by Cat Gusztak on Friday, November 26, 2010, In : Recipes 
A couple weeks ago Drew asked me to make a perogie pizza - something I had heard of but had never tried or made myself. So I made it up, and it ended up being pheonomenal. I even made it again for the rest of my family & it was a huge hit.

I want to say that this recipe does not showcase my nutritional talents - only my delicious ones.

Since I kindof eyeballed all the ingredients I will do my best to be acurate - be sure to make your own changes as you see fit.

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The Blue Zones.

Posted by Cat Gusztak on Tuesday, November 16, 2010, In : Books 
My dad is reading a book called The Blue Zones - it's all about how to live longer & it interviews people from all over the world who have done so - father dearest shared some information that he learned in his readings..

A woman in Italy who has lived to be 106 years old had three secrets to living that long. I thought they were fun & amusing & probably true..

1. Eat olives everyday.
2. Drink red wine everyday.
3. Have a sense of humour.

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